New Artist in Residence in Schwalenberg

From May, 1st to October, 31 2019, another artist will live and work in the Künstlerhaus in Schwa lenberg. The jury chose the sculptress Paloma Riewe from Hanover from a large number of applicants for the Schwalenberg scholarship. Members of the jury were: Anke Peithmann, head of the regional association Lippe, Barbara Luetgebrune, cultural editor of the Lippische Landeszeitung, Angela Josephs, spokeswoman of Phoe-nix Contact GmbH & Co. KG, Axel Plöger, freelance artist, dr. Mayarí Granados, art historian, cultural agency of the Landesverband Lippe, Vera Scheef M.A., art historian, cultural agency of the Landesverband Lippe. "Top-class artists from all over Germany and abroad had applied again - for example from Italy, Thailand, China. The choice fell this time on a sculptural position, the artist Paloma Riewe, who convinced with their innovative installations, "said the art historian Dr. med. Mayarí Granados, who is responsible for the organization of the scholarship at the cultural agency of the Landesverband Lippe.


Paloma Riewe was born in 1988 in Berlin. From 2009 to 2015 she studied art at the University of Fine Arts in Braunschweig under Michael Sailstorfer and Raimund Kummer and graduated with honors. In 2016 she was a master student of Prof. Thomas Rentmeister at the University of Fine Arts in Braunschweig. She lives and works as a freelance artist in Hanover.


In her sculptural work, Paloma Riewe explores fragments of nature, exploring the relationship between man and nature. Here, the architectural habitat of humans plays a role, as does nature, as the environment of the human being, as a starting point, as a place of longing. She likes to hide narrative elements and critical positions in her works, which only come to a second or third look.


One example is the work "Raft" from the year 2017/2018, which stretches hundreds of pieces of paper - processed by the artist on the pages of the entire time lexicon - onto a wooden plate floating above the floor. On a surface of 110 x 440 x 200 cm, this creates a dense forest of paper sticks, which makes it difficult to see into the interior. There is a ceramic bowl whose black glaze imitates the texture of a mirror-smooth water surface.


In addition to the sculptural work, drawing forms a major part of Paloma Riewe's creative work - as a collection of ideas and preliminary drawings for her models and objects, but also as independent works of art. Through the drawing, the artist collects fragments of nature and architecture, which she combines into narratives on paper.

For her six-month stay in Schwalenberg, Riewe strives not only for sculptural work and small-format sketches but also for a series of large-format drawings. Riewe's sculptural works are always created in a location-specific manner and are previously designed in the model and adapted to the available space.

During the scholarship, Paloma Riewe will be presenting interested visitors in the studio with artist talks or an open studio. In addition, the final exhibition will take place at the Robert Koepke Haus on more than 240 m² of exhibition space. From 27.09. until 03.11. In 2019, under the programmatic title "Scholarship & Friends", works of the Sti-Pendiatin and 1-3 young, contemporary positions from her artistic environment will be shown.

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