Opening of the gallery in the Kunstfachwerk N6

"We are so free" - Galerie Kunstfachwerk N6 opens


Finally the time has come: Since Friday, October 11, 2019, Grötzingen - in the middle of the historic center at Rathausplatz - has beautiful rooms for the presentation of art. Gallery spaces primarily - but also open to other art genres such as literature, theater, cabaret. "Kunstwerk N6" is the name of the house in Niddastrasse 6, derived from its address and the striking half-timbered facade.
In a joint action of the Circle of Friends Badisches Malerdorf (FBM) and the local government, a new center of cultural life of Grötzingen has emerged: the visitor opens on the ground floor several interlocking rooms, bright through the many windows and the prevailing color white. Here are the exhibits to wonderful advantage - which is at this first exhibition of the gallery with works by Natascha Brändli and Nicole Bellaire (until 15.12.19) immediately clear.

"We are so free" is the title - one associates freedom from conventions, from traditional techniques, from certain contents. And that is precisely the intention of the two artists, who approach their motif in an unusual way. So Nicole Bellaire finds her motifs along the wayside in the beauty of wildly proliferating herbs, flowers and grasses and shows their charm in woodcuts and drawings. In doing so, she develops her own natural cosmos, which oscillates between realistic illustration and abstraction.
In the works of Natascha Brändli, the theme of the line dominates, both on paper and in its three-dimensional drawings, which are created using an innovative technique. At Textiles, the threads "drawn" from threads from the 3D printer are reminiscent of a web they hang in space. Natascha Brändli derived her special working method from the 3D printer and developed it for her artistic purposes. This year she has been awarded the Albert Haueisen Prize of the district of Germersheim.
Both artists come from the Palatinate, the cooperation between the Zehnthaus Jockgrim and the FBM, which has now begun, is promising; Next year Brigitte Nowatzke-Kraft will exhibit as Grötzinger "return visit" in the Zehnthaus.

At the opening of the art framework N6 and the exhibition "We are so free" on Friday, the responsible "creators" as well as the numerous visitors appeared happy about the new achievement of the Badischer Malerdorf. "In front of you stands a proud and content cultural mayor!" Said Albert Käuflein and praised the N6 as a "showcase for Grötzingen and as a bridge between past, present and future".

The idea for such a project came from the FBM back in 2012, the concept was approved in 2013 by the local council, and yet - due to the temporary housing of the school library - it should take until today until it was implemented. After all, Grötzingen now set a sign by the fact that "the art moved into its new domicile before the administration in the town hall next door" - said Mayor Karen Essrich.
Wolfgang Nolting, chairman of the Zehnthaus Jockgrim, expressed his satisfaction with the partnership Jockgrim / Grötzingen, that he was grateful to be there "in these beautiful rooms" with two Palatinate artists. FBM chairman Siegfried König was delighted with the new "really good platform for the arts" and thanked everyone involved, especially the local government and the many volunteers. After an appreciation of the exhibited artworks by Brigitte Baumstark, head of the Municipal Gallery, it went outside. The illuminated Town Hall Square provided a splendid setting for the sound installation by the sculptor Klaus Gündchen and two musicians who used Gündchen's stainless steel sculptures as musical instruments. They elicited in "guided improvisation" the most amazing sounds and rhythms and let the evening close in the truest sense of the word.

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