August, 4th - September, 13th 2019


KVD Gallery
Am Pfarrplatz 13, Dachau


An anniversary exhibition on the 100th anniversary of the artists' association Dachau e.V.


The artists' association celebrates its centenary in 2019. More than 100 years ago, the artists went outside with their staffs to paint nature directly and presented their work in salons, museums and galleries. We want to use the art RAUS and make it visible and tangible in the city. The visitor can discover work by the 33 artists via a circular route - starting from the station and going up the Münchner Straße to the old town. In the old part of town one finds of course also in the four contemporary galleries (KVD, new gallery, water tower, gallery Lochner, small old town gallery) contributions. In many places you can see works of art by the 18 Dachau artists, as well as the 15 guest artists from all over Bavaria invited by us to the exhibition.


Participating Artists:

Maria Detloff · Anna Dietze · Alexis Dworsky · Klaus Eberlein · Christian Engelmann · Simona De Fabritiis/Stephanie Olszewski · Wolfgang Feik · Claudia Flach/Amelia Rosenberg/Eva v. Rukteschell · Denise Hachinger · Paul Havermann · Klaus Herbrich · Ulrich Hochmann · Agnes Jänsch/Luca Daberto · Johannes Karl · Heiko Klohn · Luisa Koch · Margot Krottenthaler · Peter Langenhahn · Nina Annabelle Märkl · Florian Marschall · Daniel Müller/Emanuel Wade · Camilla Nicklaus-Maurer/Eva Zenetti · Wolfgang Sand · Katrin Schürmann · Veronika Veit · Robert Weissenbacher · Mayumi Yamakawa · Esther Zahel

Site Plan Dachau