Paul Müller-Kaempff (1861-1941)

December, 4th 2021 - April, 24th 2022


Kunstkaten Ahrenshoop
Strandweg 1, Ostseebad Ahrenshoop


On the occasion of the great Paul Müller-Kaempff anniversary, the founder of the artists' colony Ahrenshoop
an entire exhibition series in the artists' village is dedicated to Paul Müller-Kaempff.
In the art museum Ahrenshoop is presented the drawing work, in the Kunstkaten and
in the hotel Fischerwiege the painting with more than 100 paintings in both houses.
Idyllic landscapes in the change of the seasons, village scenes with farmer's cottages, potato fires and Bodden views, impressive cloud plays over the Baltic Sea in masterly executed traditional landscape painting, which is characteristic for the work of Müller-Kaempff, await the visitors.

In the spirit of open-air painting, Paul Müller-Kaempff was inspired by the unspoiled nature - he found the ideal place in Ahrenshoop. The light between the sea and the Bodden, the landscape characterized by wind shoals, Hohe Ufer and the typical local farm cottages were to accompany him in the future with a permanent residence in the house he built himself in 1892 at Dorfstraße 18.
The painting school "St. Lucas", built by him and Friedrich Wachenhusen in 1894, offered numerous painting students the opportunity to take lessons, which they were still denied at the state art academies at that time. In 1909, the "Ahrenshooper Katen - das Haus für heimische Kunst und Kunstgewerbe" (Ahrenshooper cottage - the house for local art and crafts) was opened according to the plans of Paul Müller-Kaempff and his painter colleague Theobald Schorn. Until the First World War, the artists of the artists' colony Ahrenshoop exhibited their works there in changing exhibitions. Handicrafts, furniture, graphics and paintings were successfully sold.

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