Peter Hoffmann

October 10th - November 28th 2021


Kunstkaten Ahrenshoop
Strandweg 1, Ostseebad Ahrenshoop


Peter Hoffmann was born in Leipzig, where he still lives and works today.
He studied at the Evening Academy of the Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig from 1969-1978 with Karl-Heinz Kuhn, Michael Wirkner, Günther Albert Schulz and Wolfram Ebersbach. Afterwards he led the circle "Painting and Graphic Art" at the Haus der Zirkel und Arbeitsgemeinschaft Leipzig until 1991. From 1982 onwards, he held plein airs in northern Germany. For decades he visited Fischland and Darß. He held teaching posts for drawing and painting at primary schools in Leipzig, Chemnitz, Delitzsch and Torgau. Since the 2000s, he has held various teaching positions.

In his personal exhibition at the Kunstkaten, Nordic landscapes, to which Peter Hoffmann is very attached, are on display. Wide skies, plays of clouds and moving seas open up to the viewer. In strong brushstrokes and a broad palette of colours, the course of the seasons can be followed. Landscapes from Skagen to Worpswede to Rügen and Ahrenshoop await the visitor. A few flower still lifes in lush colour round off the sales exhibition.


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