Reichlich weiblich

02. December 2018 - 06. January 2019


Robert Koepke-Haus
Polhof 1, 32816 Schieder-Schwalenberg


Each year, the cultural agency of the Landesverband Lippe invites artists from the OWL region to a thematic exhibition. Thus, the multifaceted, diverse art scene of the region is presented with current works. This year, one focus of Schwalenberg was on women - whether with the exhibition "The Strong Look Back in Art", which focused partly on forgotten artists of the 19th and 20th centuries, or with the retrospective by Charlotte Betzemeier, the worked as a landlady and artist in the second half of the 20th century in Lippe and was closely associated with Schwalenberg.
Now, the arc with your theme, which raises the question of femininity - and is answered by artists in a variety of ways.



Christel Aytekin – Christine Brand – Annely Delker – Friedefrau Deutsch – Marion Doxie Delaubell – Ursula Ertz – Antje-Kristine Haase – Heide Haike – Anni Halgmann – Gudrun Harff – Ulrich Heinemann – Ursula Horstmann – Petra Jammers-Wichmann – Annegret Johannesmann – LEANDER – Redzep Memisevic – Christa Niestrath – Helga Ntephe – Karin Oestreich – Igor Oster – Axel Plöger – Gesa Reuter – Wolfgang Rose – Theo Schäfer – Gary Schlingheider – H-Punkt Schmidt – Günter Schulz – Dagmar Stark – Reinhard Wolf – Klaus Zeitz

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