space exploration

September, 14th - November, 17th


Neue Galerie Dachau
Konrad-Adenauer-Straße 20, Dachau


Space - deflated, rebuilt, used or not, in any case three-dimensional - that's why the work of three artists revolve around the Neue Galerie. Regina Baierl (b. 1967) sets up rooms in used cabinets, which she calls "Studioli" in the style of the Renaissance study. Their housings are less retreats than experience spaces that promise both insights and outlooks. Susanne Pittroff (b. 1959) uses her drawings to examine the relationships between people, things and space. Lines mark boundaries, divide an area into areas and again create their own spatial formations. Being in or out of the room changes a lot, especially your own perspective. Afra Dopfer (* 1962) as a sculptor asks questions about the relationship between space, body and surface. Several videos show her rather playful handling of the increasing and decreasing volume of space. There are surprising experiences waiting for the visitor, which can convey a different way of looking at and using rooms.

Site Plan Dachau