The Animation of Lisette

Opening: July, 18th


Marie tak van Poortvliet Museum
Ooststraat 10a, 4357 BE Domburg


The Animation of Lisette does not only mean the unique interaction of images by Lisette Huizenga, but also the passion with which she is playing with forms and imagination. The first part of the exhibition shows this idea in literally two animations: one based on a beach scene by Jan Toorop and one which has the church of Domburg by Piet Mondriaan as point of departure.


In the second part she intertwines panoramic pictures of Domburg with Mondrian’s work and photos from the MTVP and the ICEAC Domburg Collections. Thus the ‘classical’ paintings on the walls of the room, which, so to speak, frame her designs in the middle of the room, at the same time partly continue – the Droste-effect – in the prints and so different realities and images are connected with each other.


"From childhood, I am fascinated by the many forms of lines, squares, cubes, perspective and building. At the same time I love the organic look of real nature. In the course of my studies I combined both elements. Was it by accident that I went to Florence, where perspective in painting was invented?

I am gripped by Mondrian’s evolution from figurative to abstract painting. During Renaissance, painters experimented for the first time with space. Paintings became a part of people’s perception of their environment and Mondrian was the first to trace this down to the abstract and impersonal."


Lisette Huizenga sees beauty and evolution as her sources of inspiration. She is driven by curiosity and a longing for image development and image renewal, by continuous change, which she projects in static (prints) and projected (animations) ‘paintings’ – as she prefers to call her work.

“I ask myself what would be the utter limit and play with the idea that the world is an illusion and a painting is reality.”


open on Saturday and Sunday afternoon from 13.00 - 17.00 hrs

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