The Artists Colony Tervuren - Online Tour



Künstlermuseum Heikendorf Kieler Förde
Teichtor 9, Heiendorf


The artist museum Heikendorf is very pleased to present you our new exhibition for the 20th anniversary


"As a guest in Heikendorf: Tervuren artists' colony"


Please find here a online tour through the exhibition!


With the support of euroArt, the association of European artists' colonies, we are showing you around 60 works from the 'Belgian School of Tervuren', near Brussels.

The Tervuren artists 'colony is one of the oldest artists' colonies in Europe. The painters Hippolyte Boulenger (1837 - 1874), Camille van Camp (1834 - 1891), Theodore Fourmois (1814 - 1871) and Joseph Coosemans (1818-1880) met there in the 1860s and worked entirely in the spirit of the admired French open-air painting right in front of nature. They found motifs particularly in the wooded surroundings of the village and its buildings.

Unfortunately there will be no vernissage. In view of the corona pandemic, we have decided with great regret not to allow any events to take place in the anniversary year in order to protect our guests and visitors.


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