The beginnings of the artist group Dachau

May, 10th - September, 15th 2019


Gemäldegalerie Dachau
Konrad Adenauer Straße 3


From the "Council of mental workers" 1919 went out the artist group Dachau. It included 44 artists who had stayed in Dachau after the First World War. After the first castle exhibition in 1919 was successfully completed, several exhibitions were organized there until 1924, until the Dachau artists gave their group the name "Künstlervereinigung Dachau" (KVD) in 1927. Apart from a brief break after the Second World War, it still exists today. As one of the last independent artists' associations in Bavaria, she celebrates her 100th anniversary this year.
With an exhibition, the Gemäldegalerie can look back on the founding years of this traditional group, which today consists of around 50 members of all disciplines and has long since become a fixture in the cultural life of the city.

A catalog accompanies the exhibition.

Site Plan Dachau