The Revelation of the Unseen

April, 28th - June, 23rd 2019


Robert Koepke Haus
Polhof 1, Schieder-Schwalenberg


In the Robert Koepke Haus, the exhibition "The Revelation of the Unseen - Oliver Christmann, Painting" deals with the sensual appeal of color.


Dividing two is the first impression one can have as a viewer, one enters an exhibition space with works by Oliver Christmann (* 1960). The special feature of Christmann's painting is that each work has a quiet zone and a lively zone and acts like a diptych. However, it is always a picture that is split vertically in the middle and divides into a nearly monochrome area and a second one with more vivid color patterns. It is intense colors that dominate the work of Oliver Christmann. The play with the depth effect is also characteristic of Christmann's work: he paints the colors layer by layer and immediately afterwards scraps off some of the still fresh paint to make the underlying layers of color visible. In doing so, he relies on repetitive patterns that can be seen in many works on one half of the work, whereas a vertical imaginary line represents a rupture and an almost monochrome part adjoins the vivid surface of color fields, which, on closer inspection, shows layers of color and patterns underneath.


The colored surfaces of the pictures reflect the ambivalent dynamics of revealing and concealing, creating and destroying them. At the same time they evoke by the superposition and penetration of different color qualities a depth effect, which opens the surface of the image carrier in the room.

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