The Room Is Lit By Electric Light

August, 8th - October, 18th 2020


Museum Gevaert-Minne
Kapitteldreef 45, Sint Martens Latem


In museum Gevaert-Minne Gideon Kiefer (°1970, Neerpelt), an artist who lives in Sint-Martens-Latem enters into a dialogue with works from the permanent collection. 


A selection of paintings and drawings from different periods are exhibited.Throughout his oeuvre Gideon Kiefer investigates the porous fragility of memory.In addition his work often contains subtle social criticism in which contemporary ecological, social or political issues are not shunned.


The title refers among others to the artificial light that alludes to the fact that the landscapes are painted in his studio. On the other hand, it may be a ‘wink’ to the importance of the light of the region for the Latem artists who settled here.


A visit is free but a reservation in advance is obligated.

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