Two photo exhibitions in DUNAatelier Katwijk

until June 19th / June 26th 2022


DUNAatelier Katwijk, Duinplein
Boulevard Zeezijde 31, Katwijk


On the ground floor of the DUNAatelier, work by the German photographer Thomas Kellner will be on display from 27 May onwards. This exhibition has been organised in the context of the Katwijk-Sieggen twinning. He exhibits his photos in galleries all over the world. A number of photographers from Katwijk have been asked to make their work available to be exhibited in the basement.


Thomas Kellner
The photos by Thomas Kellner, entitled "Black and White", give a different view of cities than we are used to. He compiled the work with an analogue camera and rolls of film, i.e. before the digital age. Among other things, he experimented with contact printing. The idea arose when he saw paintings by Cubist artists, especially Robert Delauney, with his deconstructed images suggesting movement. Kellner takes shots from various angles and puts the image together in fragments, thus creating a whole.


In the basement, the Katwijk artists are on display. Here too we have photographers who like to experiment. Dick Hogewoning used to be connected to the experimental artists collective "Het Pandje" which unfortunately doesn't exist anymore. He won several awards as a press photographer. A part of his collection, which he meanwhile donated to the Katwijk Museum, is now on loan at this exhibition.


Rosalie van der Does, who grew up in Valkenburg, also takes photographs from a special perspective. She describes herself as "a kind of anthropologist who uses the photographic medium to show patterns in human behaviour". Rosalie graduated cum laude from the Dutch Academy for Visual Creation in 2020 with the subject "Storage in love". She photographed garage boxes for it and has since made other series, including one commissioned by the daily newspaper Trouw.

Paul van Houten, who has been the regular photographer for Factor Welzijn for a number of years, likes to experiment. He edits his photos using colour in photo programmes.


Closer to home
Photographers Dirk van Egmond and Maarten van Rijn both started taking photographs when they were older. Dirk has partly made his work out of it and takes many commissioned photographs. Maarten van Rijn roams daily, in all weathers, through Katwijk and its surroundings, looking for subjects that fascinate him. He never misses the beach. He, too, takes photographs on assignment. But as a volunteer, he photographs the paintings and all the other activities in the DUNAatelier. His photos can be viewed digitally on the screen.


The exhibition in the basement can be visited until 26 June. "Black and White' by Thomas Kellner until 19 June. Much of the work is for sale. Where: DUNAatelier Katwijk, Duinplein, Boulevard Zeezijde 31, 2225BB Katwijk When: 27 May to 26 June 2022 Opening hours: Friday to Sunday 14 to 17 hrs Admission free



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