Vom Groben zu Feinen

June, 22nd - September, 1st 2019


Kunstmühle Schwaan
Mühlenstraße 12, Schwaan


Nationwide art show 2019 of the artist federation Mecklenburg and Vorpommern e.V. in the BBK


With the exhibition Vom Groben zu Feinen. Chased through the mill, the Künstlerbund Mecklenburg and Vorpommern e.V. present 56 positions of contemporary art from the state in the BBK.


A highlight of the exhibition will be the actions and installations in the adjacent park around the Mühlbach. Sculptures and Land Art in the open space can be visited on the circular route.


"Being chased through the mill" means that a process is completely reworked or rethought. This also happens in art: objects or processes are broken down to the smallest of their essence. Joining can create something new. An unusual view of the world or the people becomes possible, whether thoughtfully reflective or broken with humor. The coarse and the fine are scrutinized; Examines mechanisms, as developed by Leonardo da Vinci; Plants and bones are grinding into pigments and binders and the current biological refinements of biotechnology also play a role in the exhibition. Twilight is about stories and rumors about the mills: they are places of dark magic or smugglers.


A catalog accompanies the exhibition.


Participating Artists:

Sylvester Antony, Petra Benndorf, Monika Bertermann, Lena Biesalski, Kerstin Borchardt, Broder Burow, Ines Diederich, Jacqueline Duhr, Christian Egelhaaf, Sabine Egelhaaf, Bernd Engler, Rainer Fest, Sarah Fischer, Felix Fugenzahn / Matthäus Straßenburg, Susanne Gabler, Charlet Gehrmann, Annegret Goebeler, Robert Günther, Wilko Hänsch, Michael Herloff, Anne Hille, Herbert W. Hundrich, Dana JES, Bernd Kommnick, Anka Kröhnke, Judith Kuhlmann, Jürgen Kümmel, Josef A. Kutschera, Katrin Lau, Annette Leyener, Hildegard Mann, Bianka Marschall, Anke Meixner, Britta Naumann, Monika Ortmann, Susanne Pfeiffer, Maria Elise Raeuber, Thomas Reich, Bernadette-Maria Roolf, Grit Sauerborn, Horst-Werner Schneider, Anneliese Schöfbeck, Lucia Schoop, Bernhard Schrock, Wilfried Schröder, Anne Sewcz, Henning Spitzer, Petra Steeger, Kat von Stenglin, Annette Stüsser-Simpson, Andre van Uehm, Henry Walinda, Jan Witte-Kropius, Ruzica Zajec, Heinrich Zenichowski, Janet Zeugner



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