Willy Herrmann

August, 14th 2021 - April, 24th 2022


Museum der Havelländischen Malerkolonie
Beelitzer Straße 1
14548 Schwielowsee OT Ferch 


This exhibition pays tribute to the almost forgotten painter Willy Herrmann.

The trained decorative painter developed his talent and passion for drawing during the First World War. Later he discovered outdoor painting and began to trace the true character of the landscape: to study the forest, meadows and clouds in detail, to capture the light of the fleeting moment and thus to focus on the intimate, emotionally felt section of nature.
After the Second World War, Willy Herrmann moved to the small Havel island of Lindwerder, not far from the Havelchaussee and close to the Grunewald Tower. This was the beginning of the most important creative phase in his life, here he could develop freely. Willy Herrmann was
passionate angler and painter. Sometimes he fished for days, then he painted for days, and both so intensively that he could not concentrate on anything else.
Willy Herrmann's landscape paintings are unmistakable, his depiction of the so typical
landscape of the Havelland, which the viewer experiences in ever new facets through the light colours. In addition to pines and cornhocks, he mainly painted birch trees, mostly in clusters or rows, often in pairs and rarely singly.


On display are works of art from the collection of a private collector, which are unique in this compilation. We are showing the exhibition until 24 April 2022.


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