Worpswede 800 - Aufbruch

July 15th - August 16th 2018


Opening, Sunday July, 15th 2018
11.00 o'clock 


Galerie Altes Rathaus
Bergstraße 1, Worpswede


Worpswede celebrates - 800 years Worpswede. From eight modest peat bog farms, first mentioned in 1218, a community grows together over the centuries. Seclusion and hard work shape the times. But in 1884, artists discover the magic of the surrounding landscape. The story is known, the art world knows the name Worpswede. But history does not stop. It means departure, development, not standstill, perseverance. In this sense, new generations of artists, artists who have fallen into the landscape as well, but perhaps see them differently, interpret them differently, develop art forms, not stop, but are on the move, always in search of their own understanding of art.

From 15 July to 26 August, contemporary artists from Worpswede will present their works - paintings, sculptures, objects - on the topic of "departure" in the gallery in the Old Town Hall in Worpswede. Departure in the narrower sense of the word, departure into a new time, a new world, a new life - departure, playfully interpreted, taken up and implemented in its broader meaning.
If the time circumstances of each generation of artists are also different, they still have one thing in common today: search and departure, finding and arriving - or, in the words of Rainer Maria Rilke, the future is within us - long before it enters

In the exhibition "Aufbruch" are represented with their works:
Eva Brexendorf, Sabine Böhme, David Didebulidze, Viktoria Diehn, Christoph Fischer, Uwe Häßler, Franziska Hoffmann, Birte Hölscher, Christine Huizenga, Stefan Ringeling, Angela Steinbeck, Jörg Steinbeck, Marie S. Ueltzen, Ines Waldbrunn.

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