Written Imagery

September, 12th - November 15th 2020


Neue Galerie Dachau
Konrad-Adenauer-Straße 20, Dachau


Five artists from different origins show different artistic strategies for the use of text in art - from calligraphic painting to conceptual art, a style determined by the physicality or extremely puristic with neutral stylistics: Aatifi (born in Afghanistan, lives in Bielefeld), Dagmar Buhr (born in Germany, lives in Nuremberg), Herta Müller (born in Romania, lives in Berlin), Babak Saed (born in Iran, lives in Bonn), Elizabeth Thallauer (born in Bulgaria, lives in Nuremberg). Writing not as a mere means to an end, but as a materialized resonance space full of ambiguity.
(Hans-Peter Miksch)

An exhibition in cooperation with the art gallery fürth.

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