Young, sporty, radiant

July, 7th 


Städtische Galerie
Marktstr. 5, Schieder-Schwalenberg


The culture agency presents from 7 July 2019 in the city gallery under the title "young, sporty, radiant. The modern image of women by Brynolf Wennerberg (1866-1950) "Works from private collections.
Born in southern Sweden, Brynolf Wennerberg settled in Stockholm after studying in Stockholm and Copenhagen in Germany - after stops in Leipzig and Munich, he lived from 1915 in the Bavarian Bad Aibling am Chiemsee.
Wennerberg is one of the earliest poster painters in Germany, and was one of the leading illustrators of important German magazines such as the "Simplicissimus" and the "Funny leaves". In the style of the emerging Art Nouveau style, he created a modern, contemporary image of women - sporty, confident, young, often with a beaming smile. This "Wennerberg Smile" has become the trademark of the women, which the artist brings to life in his commercials and paintings.


In painting, besides landscapes, his main theme was the woman - in the portrait, as an act, as a reveler and dancer, at festivals and during carnival. The exhibition shows a cross section of his paintings as well as drawings for magazines.


The exhibited works are friendly loans from various private collections.

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