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Over the past Gödöllö has been enriched by famous people and their deeds: Antal Grassalkovich I. made it a place often visited by royal guests. Queen Elisabeth, Sisi, found the spiritual refuge she was so often seeking.  an art colony was brought about by those who believed in the powers of art, Endre Ady's (an important Hungarian poet) love, Leda found her home in Gödöllö. This is where the 1933 World Scout Conference (Jamboree) was held, where Hungary's biggest baroque castle can be found.

The oldest dating building of Gödöllö, the Hamvay mansion house, has had a lot of functions all through history: it was used as a guesthouse, a chemists, a hotel and even a grammar school. Today it hosts the Town Museum which introduces the Art Colony of Gödöllö in the only seccession exhibition of Hungary.

Gödöllö has a rich history. Its major events, natural values and the atmospheric  enterieurs all recall Gödöllö's famous citisens: Sándor Nagy (1869-1950) painter, Zoltán Ambrus (1861-1932) writer, Ambrus Bor (1921-95) writer, Adél Diósyné Brüll (1872-1934) a major Hungarian poet's, Endre Ady's  most important muse.

The traditions and spirit of the Art Colony (GIM-House, 15-17 Kőrösfői Kriesch Aladár street) is conveyed by the Handicraft Workshop by providing a possibility for the contemporary artists to introduce their work in exhibitions and other occasions. A particular esthetic experience for the visitor is the GIM-House's park with its colorful atmosphere.

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Dr. György Gémesi
7 Szabadság square
Gödöllő, 2100

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