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Echoing the Barbizon naturalist tradition, the village of Oosterbeek, situated on the outskirts of the Veluwe, became a home to one of the first Dutch artists’ colonies. Since 1840 the village attracted painters, such as landscape painter J.W. Bilders, who was the first to settle and be inspired by the open air to capture the flux of light. Bilders soon became an inspiration to many other painters such as Paul Gabriël, Willem Roelofs, Jozef Israëls, the brothers Willem and Matthijs Maris and Anton Mauve and to his son Gerard. Sir Bilders had an unconventional, yet romantic touch. Today his prematurely deceased son Gerard is recognised as a forerunner of the Hague School. Even though Oosterbeek as an artists’ colony passed its heydays around the 1880s, painters still find inspiration to paint in the village and its surroundings.


Expositions in the municipality

On several locations in Renkum expositions and art manifestations are held. Every year a presentation of the modern art is shown in the town-hall in Oosterbeek on the occasion of the Kunstroute Renkum, organised by the foundation Kunst in de Zes Dorpen. Throughout the year the organisation Scarabee, foundation for Art and Landscape, organises several manifestations of modern art, for example ‘ArtBorne’ during the Airborne March. The expositions organised by Scarabee are to be seen at various locations in the municipality of Renkum, such as the library in Oosterbeek and the gallery in the town-hall.

Contribution to Furament 2017

The Friends of the School of Tervuren are organising Furament 2017 in Tervuren with the theme Habitat from 28 april – 18 Juni. The organisations Scarabee (www.scarabee-art.nl) and Museum Veluwezoom (www.museumveluwezoom.nl) have worked together to exhibit art for this event. From the collection of Museum Veluwezoom artists from the Nineteenth Century are selected and present day artists Paulien Wittenrood and Ellen Grote Beverborg, selected by Scarabee, display their vision of nature, both inspired by landscapes. More information here 


The Artists' Colony

Tourist Information


Airborne Museum Hartenstein
Utrechtseweg 232
6862AZ Oosterbeek


Hein Bloemen (interim)
Generaal Urquhartlaan 4
6861 GG Oosterbeek

+31 (0)26 33 48 111

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