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The Szentendre Old Colony of Artists Cultural Association was established in November 1997 with the purpose of saving and preserving the old colony of artists to enable its work, to keep its traditions and to continue its spirit. The Association provides professional safeguarding of its members, it promotes their artistic activity as well as their participance in inland and international cultural life and organizes and supports exhibitions in Hungary and abroad. One of the most significant tasks of the Association is to preserve the historical-cultural value of national importance as well as to improve the spiritual heritage that continues the most valuable traditions of Szentendre fine arts.

There is an important work in progress at the colony today as well. The exhibition presenting the art of Szentendre on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of establishing the colony, arranged by the Association and supported by the Ministry of National Cultural Heritage has been shown in 12 cities of Europe (Vienna, Stuttgart, Berlin, Kassa, Rome etc.) Guest artists are regularly invited to the studio available for this purpose. Besides our widespread international connections we co-operate with the artists’ colony of Nagybánya, which means the artistic roots of ours.

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