Dachau Artists' Colony - Flowering period from 1880 to 1920

Dachau: Dachau Artists' Colony

In the joint exhibition "The Dachau Artists 'Colony 1880 - 1920", the Gemäldegalerie and District Museum give for the first time an overview of the great variety of art and culture in the Dachau artists' colony, which goes far beyond the works of the visual arts and in a variety of areas Includes music and literature.

The exhibition wants to investigate the reasons why there was a "cultural explosion" in Dachau at the turn of the 20th century. The part of the exhibition in the Gemäldegalerie focuses on visual artists and illuminates the diverse interactions between artist life here and citizenship there. Because lively exchanges with the citizens created a lot of new things, some of which, like the Gemäldegalerie, still exist today.


216 p. With numerous color images, hard cover,
Fischerhude 2013,
ISBN 978-3-88132-394-9
Available in German and English

€ 28