"Nude and steed were enough for me ..." - The painter Max Feldbauer 1869-1948

Dachau: "Nude and steed were enough for me ..."

Max Feldbauer studied painting in Munich, initially with Simon Hollósy and from 1890 at the art academy. In 1896 he began to draw caricatures for the magazine ›Jugend‹ with great success. In his paintings, he turned to the human figure and horse representations, where color was more important than shape. He wrote about his work: »In 1904 I actually started to paint. I don't really find the expression ›Impressionism‹ correct, better ›Improvisationism‹. I stood and started and stopped. Finished. I do not love so-called imagination, so I stayed away from the composition: one head, one figure, one act, one horse was completely sufficient for me. «

159 pages with numbers Fig., Dachau 2015
ISBN 978-3-930941-84-1
Language: German

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