Philip Röth - A romantic among landscape painters

Dachau: Philip Röth

After his first drawing lessons Philipp Röth began his training as a landscape painter in 1855 with August Lucas and Karl Ludwig Seeger, the director of the Grand Ducal Museum of Signs in Darmstadt. In 1860 he met in Darmstadt with Paul Weber, who introduced him to the Barbizon school. In 1862 the young painter settled in Dusseldorf. From there he made his first trips to the Dachau region in 1863. After the wedding with Paul Weber's daughter Pauline, he moved to Munich in 1871. Until 1910, his path took him to all the small hamlets around Dachau and Fürstenfeldbruck. Philipp Röth's natural idylls are in the late Romantic tradition of the Düsseldorf Landscape School. Under the influence of naturalism, his Dachau landscape paintings increased to an impressionistic mood painting.


Catalog to the exhibition in the Paintings Gallery Dachau
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