Big Summer Exhibition

June, 21st - September, 6th 2020


Kunstmuseum Schwaan
Mühlenstraße 12, Schwaan


The artist museum Heikendorf on the Kiel Fjord was opened in September 2000 in the carefully restored and converted home of the artist Heinrich Blunck. There the visitor can understand the history of painting from North German Impressionism to late Expressionism based on the works of the Heikendorfer artists. This colony, which was founded in the early 20th century, includes:


• Heinrich Blunck (1891–1955), who laid the foundation stone for the later colony and is considered the master of fiery color. • Georg Burmester (1864–1936), he addressed the rural environment with its typical buildings

• Rudolf Behrend (1895-1979), who was based on early styles of Impressionism and Expressionism

• Werner Lange (1888–1955), in the 1930s, dedicated himself to the landscape in addition to portraits and still lifes.

• Oscar Droege (1898–1983), dealt with color woodblock prints, but also with oil paintings and watercolors

• Jeane Flieser (1912-2007) her central themes are shaped by her own biography, destruction, loss and grief


In this exhibition, the art museum Schwaan shows more than 60 works from the collection of the Heikendorf museum.


Site Plan Schwaan