euroArt has been granted the « Participatory Status with the Council of Europe ».




Barbizon, February 15th, 2021


Dear friends of euroArt,

I'm very pleased to inform you that euroArt has been granted the « Participatory Status with the Council of Europe ».


The « Participatory status » is granted by the Council of Europe to international NGO’s which are particularly representative at European level - that is to say which federate national member organisations in several of the 47 member states -, and in the fields of their competence.


In addition, they must comply with the aim of the Council of Europe of achieving a greater unity between member states for the purpose of safeguarding and realising the ideals and principles which are their common heritage and facilitating their economic and social progress.

This is excellent news for euroArt, as we will now be associated to the work of the Council of Europe, which will give us tremendous visibility and credibility among European institutions. And even further.

It is a clear recognition of the work undertaken by euroArt as an organization and, more important, by you, as members and partners. It is a great incentive to move forward and pursue our aim. Together, we are considered by the Council of Europe as an organization that counts in the art & cultural sector in Europe. We are now part of the 350 international organizations with participatory status.


As such, we are expected to actively contribute to work with the Council of Europe - especially through our participation to the INGO’s Conference of the Council of Europe - and to promote its actions.



I would like to share with you the reasons that were given to the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe to consider euroArt for participatory status :

The European Federation of Artists’ Colonies is a unique European network working towards a greater cultural understanding and co-operation. It shares and puts into practice the values of the Council of Europe in the fields of cultural diversity, intercultural dialogue and mutual exchanges across borders.

euroArt co-operates with the Cultural Routes programme of the Council of Europe and is the co-founder of the Impressionisms Routes which is a certified Cultural Route since 2018. As an invited expert, it has participated in the meetings of the Education and Culture Committee of the Conference of INGOs and is contributing to its work on producing a white paper on European Cultural Identity.

euroArt can make known the work of the Council of Europe through its various events and to an audience of all ages and backgrounds.


At a moment when we are all challenged by this endless Covid-19 pandemic, this recognition by a leading European institution reinforces our role and commitment for a European culture of cooperation, trust and solidarity.


Yours sincerely, 

Pierre Bedouelle,
Secretary General of euroArt