Gödöllő Applied Arts House (GIM-House)
FLORÁRIUM textile arts group exhibition
Contemporary pattern and structure collections, inspired by the works of the Art Nouveau Art
Colony of Gödöllő

Sept 18 – Dec 19, 2021

„At the time of the year when preparations were underway for the colony's annual costume ball
the forest was full of elderflower and linden, and the streets were bursting with the fragrance of
rose and jasmine. Ilka’s garden was, however, second to none. This dryad-like woman collected
all sorts of flowers around her. Irises and aquilegias had their respective well-defined sections in
her garden. Spring saw violets, primulas and daffodils blossom under her hands – just like lillies,
delphiniums and campanulas. Honeysuckle embraced the window of the studio and the bower on
the hill was entangled with the purple crosses of clematis.” Ágnes Remsey

This exhibition is inspired by the cult of the garden that once flourished in the Art Nouveau
colony, it presents contemporary textile collections built on plant and flower motifs. Among our
main goals are to continue with the Gödöllő art colony tradition of textile arts as well as to help
contemporary work blossom. Artists invited to the exhibition are present or past art students in
the textile design and weaving workshop of the Gödöllő Applied Arts House who currently
attend either Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design or Budapest Metropolitan University. A
4 month-long mentorship program preceded the exhibition, during which time the 7 gifted
young textile design students engaged in technical consultations. The program aided the
mentees in their professional development through the passing on of both design and practical
experience. These young textile design students were to pick a painting or a carpet as an
inspiration upon which to build their design concept. The aspiration was to design collections
that re-interpreted pieces of work from the original colony. The collections would not simply
rely on visual elements of the original works but would also express the design attitude and
character of the young artists. These contemporary reflections are to commemorate the 120th
anniversary of establishing the secessionist art colony in Gödöllő.

Invited artists | FANNI BÁRÁNY textile design, apprentice | CSENGE ÉGER textile design, BA student |
FANNI KECSKÉS textile design, MA student | RENÁTA KÖVES textile design, BA student | LILI SIPOS
textile design, BA student | LILLA LAURA SZABÓ textile design, BA student | BERTA UJVÁRY textile
design, MA student
Curator of the exhibition and arts director of the mentor program | ZSÓFIA HIDASI textile designer
Publisher | ERZSÉBET KATONA SZABÓ Meritorious Textile Artist of Ferency Noemi Prize, chairwoman
of the Foundation for the New Art of Gödöllő
Colleagues | ANNA RÉVÉSZ art historian and KATA KONSAI-MELEG
Partner | National Cultural Fund of Hungary | City Council of Gödöllő


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