From all corners of the world

November, 2nd - November, 24th 2019


Boulevard Zeezijde 31, Katwijk


Katwijk is beautiful, but beyond that there is also much more beautiful. That is what the exhibition "From all corners" makes clear in the DUNAatelier on the Boulevard Zeezijde in Katwijk. The exhibition is open starting on Saturday November 2 and further on Friday, Saturday and Sunday afternoons until November 24 between half past one and four o'clock.
Exhibitors Sibylle Bross, Peter Smit, Natalia Dik, Piet Groenendijk, Michiel Schepers, Michiel Kranendonk, Robin Akkerman, Kees van Schie have all participated one or more times in the "Katwijk En Plein Air, painting by the sea" event, which has been going on for fourteen years. was held one after the other. The Katwijk Art Association invites around 15 painters to participate in this event every year.

Many are also members of the Katwijkerkring. This is an organization of and for artists who paint "en plein air" - in the open air. They come together in the DUNAatelier and regularly exhibit there. These artists do not work exclusively en plein air. A number of them also make portraits. A small number of them can also be seen during this exhibition.
The Amsterdam painter Peter Smit exhibits work that he has made on Spanish and North Holland beaches and Amsterdam cityscapes. According to Peter Smit, the beaches of North Holland are rougher than in Katwijk. His Spanish works are small because he traveled by plane. He also has portraits in the exhibition.

Sizzling paintings
Michiel Kranendonk shows a number of light-shimmering paintings that he made on Terschelling. The old wooden sailing ships on the mudflats and the changing circumstances continue to fascinate him. There are also refined color woodcuts of skaters, the Amstel and the Waal.
Michiel Schepers travels the world to paint forests, forests and trees. He makes detailed drawings of this, which he elaborates on in his studio with Chinese ink on rice paper or in watercolor. Work more than 180 centimeters high and 60 centimeters wide is no exception.

Realistic works
A number of the artists show cityscapes, such as from Leiden and Amsterdam. The well-known Leiden artists Robin Akkerman and Kees van Schie show paintings from, among others, the Rapenburg and the Leidse Vismarkt on which they have worked together outdoors. They are large realistic works. There are also works that they have made separately.
In addition to plein air paintings, the Russian Natalia Dik also shows still lifes and portraits. She lives and works partly in St. Petersburg and partly in the Netherlands. One of the portraits has recently been exhibited in the Rijksmuseum at the exhibition "Long live Rembrandt".
The German Sibylle Bross shows paintings she has made this summer outside in Volendam and in Makkum in Friesland. The ports and the boats on the water gave her enough subjects to unleash her intuition and experimentation in oil on canvas.

Silent moment
Piet Groenendijk shows a number of his nature studies. One of his themes is the still moment. One sees, for example, a boat on an empty mudflats or a single individual in nature. In the latter case he likes to use different green pigments. As a counterpart, he shows a painting in which several terrace visitors are depicted almost abstractly.

The exhibition "From all corners of the world" fills both the ground floor and the basement of the DUNAatelier. Around forty paintings can be admired in the DUNAatelier.

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