Gisela Rettig-Nicola

August, 11th - September, 15th 2019


Galerie Altes Rathaus
Bergstraße 1, Worpswede


Seven groups of works, seven stages of her art: Gisela Rettig-Nicolas exhibition in the seven rooms of the gallery Altes Rathaus is a retrospective on her artistic path and a cross-section of her work from the past 25 years. This testifies to the diversity and changes in her art as well as the daring to try out new territory again and again.
Despite the wide spectrum of her work, the exhibition shows that a common thread unites the different. It is the intensity of the examination of the respective topics that draws through her work as well as the concentrated exploration of the possibilities and limits of the respective materials. This attitude of wrestling with form, color and structure gives her work depth and her own and in each case different appearances.
Her pictures and wall objects are non-representational, thus free of references to the visible reality. They have their origins in the spiritual-spiritual area, - such. the fragile tearing of tissue paper, which emerged from the dispute with R.M. Rilke grew up.

A closeness to psychological topics is also the basis of her graphic objects made of wood and cardboard. The repertoire of these rather strict two- and three-dimensional groups of works draws them from the universal forms of geometry, which she sets in playful order, cuts, combines or develops into floating folds.
Her relation to geometry springs from her need for clarity and has emerged from the exploration of geometrical forms, which for the artist are not empty mathematical constructs, but figures in which ur-human themes condense.

The seven different groups of works by Gisela Rettig-Nicola show the minimalist character of her art. They are a cosmos of ordered calm and moving silence.

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