July 2– Aug 31, 2021

„The artist, in bringing together the many discordant impulses in life, should be just like the vanishing
point, where parallel lines running to eternity appear to touch.”

Quote from a hand-written note attributed to the artist, displayed on the wall of the Sándor Nagy-


Commemorating the 120th anniversary of establishing the Art Nouveau art colony in Gödöllő, we
would like to highlight two emblematic locations of the original art colony: the Sándor Nagy-House
and the Remsey-House. Contemporary art revives these places of our collective memory, whilst
plugging them into the vibe of the city for the duration of the exhibition. The then Erdő, now Körösfői
street is the link between the various locations of the secessionist art colony. What meaning did
these locations convey for the artists and the colony as a whole? What notions tie these spots
together? How can we relate to these memories? The work of the invited artists present reflections
on these locations and memories, and on the lifestyle, conception of life, and reverence for nature
shared by the artists of the original art colony. Synthesis of different art genres takes place within the
parameters of the exhibition, following through the all-art idea of the original art colony. Site-specific
art projects embody simultaneous notions of past and present through redefining the memories
linked with the locations and setting them in a contemporary frame. Like the artists of the original
colony, the contemporary artists created and installed their work in a spirit of community, working
simultaneously and side by side.

Invited artists and their artwork:

ILDIKÓ ERŐSS sculptor I Gateway
ANGÉLA GÓG food design artist I EMESE GÓG camera artist I Memories served
ZSÓFIA HIDASI textile design artist I Fragments of a garden
ÁGNES HORVÁTH visual artist | Dot
FANNI KECSKÉS textile design artist | Woven memories
PÉTER MÁTYÁSI fine artist | Terraformation of the Earth
DÁVID REMSEY graphic artist | MELINDA SZABÓ-NYULÁSZ animation director, illustrator |
Sea of time
ÁDÁM TÓTH designer artist | ZSÓFIA ZALA designer artist | Growing up
ZSÓFIA ZALA designer artist I Rose window
MELINDA VARGA sculptor | Wall
Curator of the exhibition | ZSÓFIA HIDASI textile designer artist, arts director of the GIM-House
Publisher | ERZSÉBET KATONA SZABÓ meritorious textile artist of Ferency Noemi Prize
Colleagues | ANNA RÉVÉSZ art historian, KLÁRA CSÚRNÉ SARBAK architect
Partners | National Cultural Fund of Hungary | City Council of Gödöllő


More about the project here

Site Plan Gödöllö