July, 5th - November, 8th 2020 


Marie Tak van Poortvliet Museum Domburg
Ooststraat 10a, Domburg


That the Dutch Jo Koster and the German Dora Stetter both have been connected to a variety of European Artists’ Colonies, is clearly expressed in their work. In a beautiful survey of - inter alia - in Domburg, Staphorst, Heeze, Knokke en Ahrenshoop created paintings and graphic works, the similarities and differences between them are shown. With Jo Koster's work as a guideline, the Summer Exhibition 2020 of the MTVP Museum Domburg follows the development of two female artists, who started traditionally but then unfolded their talents, one particularly in the French neo-impressionist and the other one mainly in the German expressionist sense. Stiffly persevering and stoutly digesting, or: their path was stiff, but the women were stout!

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