The dawn of modernity

12.3. - 19.6.2022


Exhibition in the Gallery in the Old Town Hall, Prien


The exhibition "Glamorous" is a nostalgic look back at the "good old days", the Prince Regent period (1886-1912), with which Bavarians associate an era of peace and cultural prosperity. Munich was a radiant art metropolis in which new artistic trends pointed the way to modernity. Painting developed from traditional genre and history painting, influenced by French Impressionism, to a freer handling of forms and colours, which was particularly noticeable in landscape painting.
The situation of art in the metropolis of Munich with a multitude of competing artists and artists' associations and the turn towards plein air painting did not remain without consequences for the surrounding countryside. The artists' colony founded on Fraueninsel in the early 19th century now attracted other artists who settled around Lake Chiemsee. A lively artistic landscape emerged with new artistic centres and artistic personalities: Christian Maximilian Baer on Fraueninsel, Leo Putz in Hartmannsberg, Julius Exter in Übersee, Ludwig von Zumbusch in Aiterbach; popular artists' meeting places that served both artistic and social exchange. Famous guests were Max Slevogt, Edward Cucuel, Wilhelm Leibl and Prince Regent Luitpold himself.
The exhibition also focuses on the early emancipation of women and their path into art. Important impulses came from the Fraueninsel with Marie Haushofer. The private painting schools around Lake Chiemsee offered women artists the opportunity for training that was still denied them at the academies.
Prince Regent Luitpold's visits to Wildenwart Palace, his arrival in Prien and his public appearances were celebrated events. The idyllic setting of Lake Chiemsee, the convenient railway connection, the opening of Herrenchiemsee Palace to the general public and the Chiemsee shipping now also attracted numerous summer visitors. To this day, the works of the "island kings" Karl Raupp and Josef Wopfner, as well as those of the representatives of modernism, Leo Putz, Julius Exter, Brynolf Wennerberg, bear witness to the artistic development of a glorious time on Lake Chiemsee.

Ingrid Fricke M.A. and Ute Gladigau M.A., curators of the exhibition

Exhibition in the Gallery in the Old Town Hall, Prien
12.3. - 19.6.2022



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