September, 29th - December, 15th 2019


Emile Van Doren Museum
Henri Decleenestraat 21, B-3600 Genk 


At the end of the 19th century, the idyllic landscapes and unspoiled nature attracted city dwellers and artists to the countryside of Genk (then still written with -ck) . The swamps, sand dunes, endless heathlands and the poor peasants living there were an inexhaustible source of inspiration.  


Today, here are still many villas from the time of the villégiature, when people fled the cities and emerging industry, in search of peace and inspiration.


Like many other well-to-do families from the major cities of Brussels, Antwerp and Liège, the Rolin family from Brussels built a holiday home in Genk in the early 1900s, near to the villa Le coin perduof landscape painter Emile Van Doren, now the Emile Van Doren Museum.


Henriette Rolin-Lagrange (1853-1920) also lost her heart to the Genk landscape and immortalized it in countless watercolours and drawings. In 1890, on one of their first visits to Genck, she and her husband may have stayed at the Hôtel des artistes, run by Emile Van Doren. Afterwards the family built their own maison forestièreor "house in the woods".


The exhibition THE HOUSE IN THE WOODS tells the story of four generations of artists who spent their holidays in their holiday home in Genk. The Rolin family felt completely at ease in the artists' colony of Genck. 


The exhibition not only highlights the history of Genck as a station d’artistes, it also shows a special family story, from mater familias and painter Henriette Lagrange through the famous writer Dominique Rolin to the descendants of artist-composer Safford Cape. A history that now covers more than a hundred years.


THE HOUSE IN THE WOODS shows work by various members of this family among the work of the most famous representatives of the artists' colony of Genck. This underlines the importance of the artists' colony Genk was. Today, research determines the number of artists who visited Genk in the period 1840/1940 has risen to 350!


Until Sunday, December 15, 2019
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