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After Nature I AAD Donker

Katwijks Museum
Katwijk, NL
18.12. - 12.3.2023

This exhibition tells the story of the short, tumultuous life of the Leiden artist Aad Donker (1967-1998). An artist full of bravado, love, ambition and with an expressive, colorful painting style.

Like his two brothers Gijs and Justus, he worked from nature. The exhibition introduces us to landscapes, including in Katwijk, and to his still life paintings, nudes and self-portraits made during long journeys. The three Donker brothers joined the artist collective ‘After Nature’, which also included the artists Peter Klashorst, Bart Domburg, Jurriaan van Hall and Ernst Voss.

Katwijks Museum
Voorstraat 46
2225 ER Katwijk
T +31 (0)71-4013047