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All on paper

Heikendorf, GER
2.12.2023 - 25.2.2024

All on paper printed, glued, drawn and painted / Alles auf Papier gedruckt, geklebt, gezeichnet und gemalt

The exhibition offers a comprehensive insight into the museum’s graphic art collection. Whether prints, drawings, collages or watercolours: the Artists’ Museum is entirely dedicated to paper as a material. The motifs are figurative as well as landscape-based. Discover rarely exhibited treasures on paper by artists from the Heikendorf artists’ colony.

Together with works from donations and estates (including those of Ulrich Behl, Gerhard Hermanns and Matthias Lindner), we span an arc from the end of the 19th century to the present day. You can look forward to seeing what is possible with dots, lines, surfaces, formats and colours on paper.

Image: Georg Burmeister, Self-portrait, 1936, pencil, Photo: KMH/SPM