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Art life along the Flood Line

Kawijks Museum
Kawijk, NL
29.10.2023 - 31.3.2024

Art life along the Flood Line / ku(n)stleven langs de vloedlijn

Throughout the centuries, artists have captured, often en plein air, the vibrant life in and along the Katwijk tide line.

That fascination is one of the foundations of Katwijk as an artists’ village. Where sea and beach meet along the high tide line, the artist is ready to colorfully capture that meeting point.
Who doesn’t know Blommers’ children fishing with the basket, Von Bartels’ shell fishermen and Willy Sluiter’s beautiful drawings with paddling children. The contemporary beach scenes by Wendland, Vorstman and Ernst Voss are also a feast for the eyes.

The exhibition ‘Art life along the Flood Line’ shows a selection of about 40 paintings with scenes that took place over a longer period of time along the coast. The visitor experiences a broad summary of what happens along the border between sea and beach.