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Ben Viegers, alive and kicking!

Noord-Veluws Museum
Nunspeet, NL
22.7. - 8.1.2023

Ben Viegers, alive and kicking!

BEN VIEGERS springlevend!

From 1938 until his death in 1947, The Hague impressionist Ben Viegers (1886-1947) lived in the artists’ village of Nunspeet. He finds new inspiration in the Veluwe landscape. With eagerness he translates the wealth of subjects he finds there in vivid paintings with a powerful touch into a warm palette. On the occasion of the 75th anniversary of his death, the Noord-Veluws Museum organizes an exhibition with about 90 of his most beautiful paintings from private collections.
With his arrival in Nunspeet, Ben Viegers stands in a tradition of earlier artists who, in line with the prevailing views around 1900, searched for the purity of country life. As a member of the Hague Art Circle, Viegers knows about all the innovations in painting, but he remains faithful to his cheerful impressionist style throughout his life.

En plein air

Viegers prefers to use his brush in the open air. His work is recognizable by a smooth touch in a colorful palette. By owning a Harley-Davidson with sidecar and later a car, Viegers is mobile early on. His heart goes out to capture landscapes and farm life, but he also travels from The Hague and Nunspeet to numerous cities, where he captures characteristic locations. When depicting striking buildings, he often seeks out the combination with water to indulge in the effects of movement and reflection. Viegers also crosses the border: to Kleve in Germany, the Belgian Bruges and Mechelen and further to the Breton coast in France.


The publication Door de ogen van Ben Viegers (2014), written by Williëtte Wolters-Groeneveld, is for sale in the museum shop for € 19.50. In addition, a richly illustrated brochure has been specially published for this exhibition, available for € 5.00 in the museumshop.

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