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Bernhard Hoetger. Between the worlds

Kunsthalle, Große Kunstschau, Barkenhoff, Haus im Schluh
17.3. - 3.11.2024

Bernhard Hoetger.Between the worlds / Zwischen den Welten

Bernhard Hoetger came to Worpswede in 1914 in the footsteps of Paula Modersohn-Becker and, in the 15 years that followed, became as influential for the town and its cultural development as Heinrich Vogeler had been in the previous two decades.

The Worpswede museums are honouring Hoetger (1874 – 1949) on the occasion of his 150th birthday with a major anniversary exhibition. The subtitle ‘Between the Worlds’ is programmatic for this artist, who was a lifelong traveller between worlds and cultures. Celebrated early on as a sculptor, his architectural work later became the subject of political controversy.

The exhibition presents Hoetger the sculptor, craftsman, painter and architect in many facets. The artist is not only shown as a historical figure, but also scrutinised in terms of his current relevance. What does he have to say to us today? What drove him? Where did he go wrong? In view of the social upheavals of our time, which show alarming parallels to Hoetger’s lifetime, these questions are of pressing topicality.