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„Clouds, Baltic Sea and more…“

Ahrenshoop, GER
10.08. - 15.10.2023

„Clouds, Baltic Sea and more…” / „Wolken, Ostsee und mehr…“

Jürgen Gerhard (*1947)
Paintings, drawings and graphics from 50 years

After graduating from high school in his hometown of Leipzig, Jürgen Gerhard completed an apprenticeship as a typesetter, which was followed by studies at the Leipzig Academy of Visual Arts from 1968 to 1973, among others with Werner Tübke and Dietrich Burger. Since then he has worked as a freelance painter and graphic artist. Numerous (study) trips and plein airs led Jürgen Gerhard, among others, to Poland, Bulgaria, Georgia, France and Italy. 1986-90 he was an honorary lecturer at the College for Advertising and Design Berlin-Schöneweide, since 1990 VHS lecturer at the KVHS Oberhavel.
In various techniques he is concerned with the “formulation of an experience and to find a corresponding form,” as he himself noted. He has visited Ahrenshoop regularly since 1969.
The Kunstkaten is dedicating a personal exhibition to him.

“The Baltic landscape, for over a hundred years a place of longing for numerous artists, also became for him a source of inspiration for inspiring paintings in oil, watercolor, drawings and etchings. The line of the horizon, where water and sky meet, wanders up and down the picture surfaces. The color blue, with its intense effect on the viewer’s eye, varies from deep navy blue or azure, associating the vastness of the sky, to shades of turquoise. In contrast with the warm hues of the beach, the green of the trees and shrubs, the earth-colored images of the Bodden, harbor views or picturesque fishermen’s huts, the compositions appear both exciting and harmonious.” (Dr. Bärbel Mann, art historian)

Image: Clouds in front of Ahrenshoop, 2021, oil on cardboard