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Eugène Brands, Under the Woods

Noord Verluws Museum
Nunspeet, NL
1.7. - 3.12.2023

Eugène Brands, Under the Woods / Eugène Brands, Onder de Bos

What few people know is that the Amsterdam Cobra artist Eugène Brands (1913-2002) lived and worked in Nunspeet for over 25 years. From 1974 he worked in his studio in the woods, where he could make large-scale works. The address: Onder de Bos. Brands was fascinated by the cosmos, stars and planets and the magical black. His creed was Panta Rei, everything flows, everything flows. In the seventies his style is called lyrical abstract. The shapes in his colorful work flow into mysterious clouds, mists and flakes. The photos of Brands in his studio and garden are unique.