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Inside and outside

Katwijk, NL
5.4. - 12.5.2024
  • oil painting Spanish landscape rural buildings

  • oil painting Spanish landscape rural buildings

Inside and outside / Uit en Thuis

Expo of five professional Katwijk circle artists

From 5 April to 12 May, Ton van Steenbergen, Gerard Huysman, Bram Stoof, Remco de Waard and Alex Verduijn den Boer will show paintings on the subject of “Inside and outside”. A subject with many possibilities.

Several of the artists work by observation both in the studio and outdoors. This makes for a versatile exhibition as they paint both fleetingly (under pressure from changing weather conditions) and more layer upon layer, in a traditional way that not many artists have mastered anymore. For example, Bram Stoof still does.

Ton van Steenbergen says: “My paintings arise from what I see around me. The world as a still life over which time has passed. My starting point is visible reality. I don’t want to recreate something. I have to create distance from what is seen. I try to give it a twist, a slight distortion, making it a representation alongside reality. The subject is a starting point that allows me to create a world in which I, and I hope others , feel at home.”

Gerard Huysman says: “For me, painting outdoors requires complete concentration on what can be seen. To then translate this back into a stroke, stain or smudge, which in turn evokes a realistic image. This is an experience that remains etched in my memory. What could be the reason why I can effortlessly remember all the places I have been working outside? Even the type of weather and temperature I remember. I can’t say that of my studio paintings.”

The exhibition at the DUNA studio is open Friday to Sunday between 1.30pm and 4.30pm. Entry is free

The DUNAatelier is located on the Duinplein, Boulevard Zeezijde 31 near the Vuurbaak. Opposite, next to the fish stall, a road leads down to the square where you can park (paid).