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Jaap Kuijpers: “Paintings by the sea”

Katwijk aan Zee, NL
19.5. - 25.6.2023
  • De ontvoering van Europa

  • De ontvoering van Europa

Paintings by the sea / Schilderijen aan zee

Jaap Kuijpers (1948-2018) was an artist who loved to travel. On the road, often by bicycle, he made sketches and worked them out in his studio. He left behind a large body of paintings, drawings and spatial work. From 19 May to 25 June 2023, Jaap’s work will be on display at the DUNAatelier in Katwijk aan Zee.

Jaap was a born draughtsman and a visual storyteller. Actions and characters in his landscapes came from a very personal mythology.
His imagination was triggered by concrete observations on his travels and the history of places where he found himself. For instance, he made the journey to Santiago de Compostella via the Camino de Santiago several times. In cheerful colourful paintings, often witty and using simple forms, he told his story.
His work has recognisable lines and a bright, almost transparent use of colour.
The drawings are sketchy, sometimes done quickly but always full of passion.
Jaap was also a passionate teacher and creative therapist who managed to motivate and stimulate many students and psychiatric patients.

The exhibition can be seen until 25 June on Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 1.30pm to 4.30pm. See also the website

The DUNA studio is located on the Duinplein, Boulevard Zeezijde 31 near the Vuurbaak. Opposite, next to the fish stall, a road leads down to the square where you can park (paid).