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Jan Kricke – Continuous Homecoming

Institut Mathildenhöhe
Darmstadt, GER
28.4. - 23.7.2023

Jan Kricke – Continuous Homecoming / Andauernde Heimkehr

The Institut Mathildenhöhe is showing the photo series “Continuous Homecoming” by Jan Kricke (*1977) in the sculpture studios of the Museum Künstlerkolonie. This composed sequence of photographs, all taken in outdoor spaces between 2007 and 2020, form – detached from a chronology – a journey beyond a recognisable physical route. They are impressions of places that are not concrete, fleeting impressions of natural structures or plays of light that transfer the urban energy and speed of street photography to landscape photography in a very unique way.

The exhibition is also part of the 12th Darmstadt Days of Photography 2023 (