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Light – Glances – Silver lining

Galerie Dötlingen
Dötlingen, GER
7.4. - 1.5.2024

Light – Glances – Silver lining / Licht – Blicke – Lichtblicke

Elke Icks, Ute Meyer-Kolditz, Annemarie S.Carl-Boles, Ole Markmann, Uwe Carstens

Opening hours: Saturdays and Sundays from 14:00 to 18:00

“Hude is beautiful to paint” can be read on brochures, gift articles, postcards…
This view was already shared by painters from Hude in the 18th and 19th centuries, who felt inspired by the varied and natural landscape in and around Hude. They left their impressions in historical sources.

Regular art group activity in Hude is documented from 1947 and continues into the 20th century.
Today’s independent art group in Hude came together following an appeal in the newspaper in 2012. They are artists of very different expressions. They bring individual interpretations to paper and into form through craftsmanship and artistic design. The artists are currently focussing on the theme: Light – Glances – Silver lining

The “World-Wide-Web” describes a silver lining as “… a good thing that happens in a bad or difficult time …”
Nothing seems to fit these times better than a “silver lining”!

The artists will be present during opening hours and are looking forward to many
visitors and an inspiring exchange with the guests.

Further information and pictures can be found on our website: