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look at – look around

Künstlervereinigung - KVD
Dachau, GER
26.5. - 18.6.2023

look at – look around

Mary Kim > Sculptures & Carolin Leyck > Painting

The two artists move in different dimensions. Here painting meets sculpture, object meets abstraction, organic meets geometric. While Mary Kim’s sculptures occupy the physical space of presence, Carolin Leyck’s paintings decipher the illusion of space. For the modular sculptures, colors are active instruments that are almost independent of the
structural order almost independently. Depending on the viewing angle, they play with light and shadow in a very nuanced way. The colors in the painting are the structure itself in the creation of the painting. Here, the black absorbs the light, making the other colors seem almost beguiling.
The dialogue of the works is unexpectedly complementary. They are independent and separable, but their meeting points create a whimsical encounter.

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