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Artists’ Villages

Binnenmuseum of the Zuiderzee Museum
Enkhuizen, NL
10.12.2022 - 10.4.2023

Artists’ Villages / Kunstenaarsdorpen

Opening: Thurday 8 December, 16.00 h 
10.12.2022 – 10.4.2023         

Sluisweg 1
1601 MB Enkhuizen
The Netherlands

We have great pleasure in inviting you to the official opening of our new exhibition Artists’ Villages on Thursday 8 December – so do set this day aside in your diary.  

Following the example of the French village of Barbizon, more than one hundred European villages developed into artists’ communities in the 19th century. Volendam, Urk, Katwijk and Domburg are just a few instances in this country. We have taken these four villages as starting points for the special exhibition Artists’ Villages. Not only will you be introduced to the art produced here, but attention is also paid to the encounters between artists, the local population and the surroundings.

The major eye-catcher is the impressive salon arrangement, à la the Paris Salon, with works of art from dozens of European artists’ villages, including very famous ones like Barbizon, Giverny, Laren and Volendam, and featuring renowned artists such as Max Liebermann, Jan Toorop, Paul Signac, Gustave Courbet and Jens Ferdinand Willumsen. Never before have so many works from over 40 artists’ villages in Europe been brought together.  

Become curious? An invitation with further details and the full programme will follow shortly, but meanwhile you can pencil in the opening time of ‘Artists’ Villages’: 16.00 h.