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Picasso 50 years back

Espace Culturel Marc Jacquet
Barbizon, FR
8.4. - 10.6.2023

Picasso 50 years back / Picasso 50 ans déjà

Picasso died 50 years ago on the 8th of April 1973. In order to celebrate this jubilee and to commemorate Picasso’s stay in Barbizon in 1942 the municipality invited 50 international renowned contemporary artists to express what inspired them in the work of the Catalan artist. Each artist in his personal style, technique and sensitivity renews the visitor’s perception of Picasso’s original works such as “Guernica” or “les Demoiselles d’Avignon”.

Paintings, sculptures, photographs, and digital artworks have taken possession of the Barbizon exhibition hall -Espace Culturel Marc Jacquet- and its surroundings for a free exhibition open until the 10th of June 2023.