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Rescuers at Sea

Katwijks Museum
Katwijks, NL
14.4. - 25.8.2024

Rescuers at Sea / Redders op Zee

In the morning, a group of poachers noticed that a fishing vessel, a lugger, had gotten into trouble. The fishermen were unable to get through the surf due to the persistent strong westerly wind. The crew set off flares and a brazier was used. The poachers alerted the police, who called the skipper of the rowing lifeboat in his area, after which the rowing lifeboat was put to sea. Central to this exhibition are storms, shipwrecks, strandings and rescues immortalized on canvas by 19th and 20th century Romantic and The Hague School artists. With painters such as Jozef Israëls, Hans von Bartels, Tjeerd Bottema, P.C. Dommershuijzen, Andreas Schelfhout, J.H. Koekkoek and W.A. from Deventer.