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Marie tak van Poortvliet Museum
Domburg, NL
3.7. - 12.2.2023


With Jo Koster’s work as a guideline, the Summer & Winter Exhibition 2022-2023 of the MTVP Museum Domburg follows the development of two female artists, who started traditionally but then unfolded their talents, one particularly in the French neo-impressionist and the other mainly in the German expressionist sense.

That the Dutch Jo Koster and the German Dora Stetter both have been connected to a variety of European Artists’ Colonies is clearly expressed in their work. In a beautiful survey of – inter alia – in Domburg, Staphorst, Heeze, Knokke en Ahrenshoop created paintings and graphic works, the similarities and differences between them are shown.

Around 65 works by Jo Koster and 35 by Dora Koch-Stetter were brought together for this exhibition. Among Jo Koster’s work are beautiful and completely unknown pieces from private collections that have never been presented publicly before. Together with the works of Dora Koch-Stetter, they show what these women stood for in a world mainly dominated by men. Stubbornly persevering and sturdily digesting, or: their path wasn’t easy, but the women were stubborn and sturdy!