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Galerie Altes Rathaus
Worpswede, GER
04.02 - 10.03.2024

Underworlds / Unterwelten

Photographs by Ciprian Olaru

The 2024 exhibition year at the Alte Rathaus Gallery begins with a young photographer from Romania whose interest in architecture is at the forefront of his photographic work. In this exhibition, he focuses on underground stations. The underground railway thrives on speed. It fulfils the need for fast and independent mobility, travelling reliably at short intervals. People rarely spend much time in the “downstairs”. In the underworld, the guests clump together like shock waves. These are the moments that users of public transport are familiar with. The images they don’t recognise are the moments in between. Here there are minutes of complete emptiness and abandonment.

Olaru uses these short windows of time, in which standstill and motionlessness prevail, to explore and capture the aesthetics of empty architecture.